Nature Gardens Club

Is there anything better than hanging out in a wildlife garden with a bunch of nature enthusiasts, talking plants, listening to bees, sharing wildlife gardening top tips and (*hint*) eating home made cake?

Surely not! And that's exactly why we're  so excited about our new venture, starting in January 2022 - the Nature Gardens Club. If this sounds like your idea of a good time and you live here in Shropshire, sign up to the Natural Gardener Newsletter to be amongst the first to hear when this launches in early 2022.


This wildife gardening club will only be available throughout Shropshire.

Get in touch if you'd like to discuss starting a club further afield.


As a Nature Gardens Club member, you'll receive a regular newsletter, wth invitations to upcoming open gardens and seasonal news or even top tips for welcoming wildlife into your garden. You'll also be able to visit our online members area, where you can view our club news and noticeboards.

The backbone of this club is the generosity of members in opening up and sharing their gardens. This isn't obligatory, but every garden is a welcome addition for our members. This is a brilliant chance for experienced gardeners to inspire others with some great wildlife features, or for beginners, a great opportunity to get advice from the team about how to make your space all the more enticing to your local birds, animals and insects.

Garden Open Days

The garden visits themselves will be informative, inspirational and a great chance to connect. Activities will vary according to the garden and time of year, but might include a garden tour, plant and seed swaps, a seasonal work party (see below), a 'next steps' brainstorming session, tea, coffee and that all important cake!

Expect to meet a lovely crowd of people and to come home refreshed, inspired and brimming with ideas for your own Nature Garden. Don't expect to be visiting show gardens - these are real gardens, run by you and me - fitting in gardening time around our busy lives. The tips we can share with each other will include how to manage new wildlife garden features within realistic time frames and with varying amounts of gardening skill.

If you're interested in opening up your garden, your open day is your own. We can offer suggestions for what to include, but please free-style the format as much as you like. From January 2022, you'll be able to register your garden via this web page. Visit our FAQ page to find out more.

Meet : Share : Inspire

At the Nature Gardens Club, we are centred around the idea that by meeting up together in our wildlife gardens - real gardens, with all their imperfections and querky features - we can learn and grow together. We can inspire and support each other in giving things a go and doing all we can to bring Nature that little bit closer to our back doorsteps.

Working Together

We really encourage those members sharing their gardens to include a work party as part of their open day. This is a great way to get a big job done or to learn and pass on new skills. It gives club members a fantastic opportunity to try out and learn new techniques and all in great company!

Work parties might include:

  • Plant propagation

  • Sowing a wildflower lawn

  • Collecting and storing seed

  • Sowing wildflower plug plants

  • Insect ID session

  • A botanical survey

Register your garden from January 2022, or get in touch to discuss how to integrate a work party into your garden's open day.