Open Gardens FAQs

Thinking about opening up your garden for the Nature Gardens Club? We'd love to have you on board! All gardens are going to be really valuable options for group members to come and visit, whether new or well established, large or small and whether you're an experienced gardener or a complete beginner.


What is involved in a typical garden visit?

The format of your day is entirely up to you, but a typical half day's visit might include a garden tour, followed by a garden work party or a future plans brain storming session. The morning could close out with tea and coffee while we browse through seed or plant swapping options.

For a full day's visit, we could include a garden tour, followed by a garden work party. After a bring and share lunch (or separate packed lunches), we could take part in a future plans brainstorming session, followed by a leisurely look through plant and seed swapping options, while chatting over tea and cake.


I don't yet have any wildlife features, can I still open my garden?

Absolutely! Make sure to include a 'future plans brainstorming session' if you'd like to get ideas and advice from the team. Think about including a work party if you'd like the group to help you set up a new feature, such as a wildflower meadow or new bed for pollinator-friendly plants. More work party ideas are included in the garden registration form.

How long will the open day go on for?

This is entirely up to you. If you'd rather keep it to half a day, simply choose less activities to include. As a rough rule of thumb, two big activities per half day tends to fill the time, broken up with tea and chat breaks. This could be a tour of the garden, followed by a seed collecting session, for example. Plant and seed swaps can take a varying amount of time. This can be a big feature, or it can simply be included as an activity to take part in during tea and chat times.


What happens next?

Once you've filled in your form, we will be in touch with you to arrange an open day date that suits you and if you've requested a garden work party, to finalised details of this.


Once this is worked out, your garden will be listed in upcoming newsletters to the group, along with your chosen contact details, so group members can make bookings with you directly.


Closer to the time, we will set up a post for you on our Garden Visits online noticeboard. This is viewable only by club members and it will include everything they need to know to find where you are, along with more information about your day.


How will my garden details be used?

Publicity for your day will be given out to all club members in our newsletters. This will include descriptive details from your registration form, along with the general location of your garden.

Closer to the time of the visit, further information will be posted up on the Garden Visits noticeboard in our private members area of this website. This will include the schedule of your planned activities, along with your full address,  directions, parking instructions, health and safety info and your preferred contact details.

We will never share any of your information beyond these two places.

Will my garden automatically be added to the schedule of open days?

All gardens submitted will be considered and as far as possible, we will try to include everyone in our yearly schedule once the details have been finalised. However, we regret that it may not always be possible to give everyone a slot.

Who deals with garden bookings?

Garden bookings will come directly to you, allowing you to have complete control over visitor numbers and to hold back places for friends and family if need be. Please let people know that they're definitely booked in, or if they're too late and there are no places left.

I'd like to include a garden work party in my day, but don't have the skills to run this. Can someone help?

We'd love to help you set up a work party and will do whatever we can to help you set this up. There is lots of expertise and enthusiasm within the club and one of the ways lots of us enjoy helping each other is through getting involved with work parties. Please get in touch to discuss this.

What happens if I need to change or cancel my open day?

We're really keen to fit around whatever works for you, so will always try to accomodate your needs. Please let us know as soon as you can about any changes, so we can let everyone know in a timely manner.

Any other questions?