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Gardens that hum with life. Gardens where gentle, organic gardening methods are used to control pests and weeds; where enjoyment of a beautiful, relaxing and bountiful environment can be shared with local birds, butterflies, frogs, hedgehogs, ladybirds and other welcome wildlife visitors.

This is Natural Gardening and this is my passion. I'm Nancy Lowe, The Natural Gardener and if you share my enthusiasm for eco-friendly gardening, my website is filled with inspiration, articles and a range of services to help you get more from your own outdoor space.

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About Nancy Lowe

The Natural Gardener, Nancy Lowe, is an RHS qualified organic gardener, ecological garden designer, permaculturalist and writer. Nancy has a passion for sustainable and eco-friendly gardening that she brings to everything she does. Nancy grows food, makes beautiful, wildlife gardens and writes with an infectious joy for all things plant related.


If you share Nancy’s passion for growing healthy, organic vegetables, for creating a wildlife friendly space right on your doorstep, or for using the garden as a place to find a sense of groundedness and connection with Nature, Nancy offers a range of resources and gardening services to help you with this.

Through her work as The Natural Gardener, Nancy Lowe gives gardening talks and writes articles on a range of gardening themes, including wildlife gardening, growing organic food and mindful gardening. Nancy offers one to one gardening consultations, offering gardening advice and creating bespoke action plans for your garden. She also offers an opportunity for you to share your own ideas and gain inspiration from the gardening community, with the Nature Gardens Club, a place to connect with like-minded wildlife gardeners, for seasonal open garden events.

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The Natural Gardener Gardening Talks about Meadow Flowers

Learn More

Learn essential skills for your own natural garden with Nancy Lowe's gardening talks. Topics include wildlife gardening, holistic garden health and connecting with nature in the garden.

The Natural Gardener Nancy Lowe In the Vegetable Garden

One to One

Expert gardening advice on a range of themes, including wildlife gardening, growing organic food and boosting garden health, using sustainable, eco-friendly gardening techniques.

The Natural Gardener Nature Gardens Club

Join the Club

Join us at the Nature Gardens Club for a chance to connect with like-minded wildlife gardeners, at seasonal open garden events.

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