The Natural Gardener

"I fell in love with nature amongst the rolling green hills, tranquil valleys and wild, windswept heaths of my native Shropshire. As an organic gardener, I try to bring a little of this to all the gardens I work in - working with nature to help create spaces both people and wildlife love to be in."


Natural Gardener, Nancy Lowe is an RHS qualified organic gardener, ecological garden designer and permaculturalist. Nancy has a passion for sustainability and ecology that she brings to everything she does. Nancy grows food, makes beautiful gardens bursting with wildlife and has an infectious joy for all things plant related.


Nancy offers a comprehensive range of services to help you achieve the thriving garden you've always dreamed of. Learn how to become a great gardener, with Nancy's one to one consultation services, or by taking one of her gardening courses. Get a whole new look - one that is carefully tailored to your specific needs, by comissioning Nancy to create a new design for you. Or come and join the growing Nature Gardens community, by signing up for the Nature Gardens Club.