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Nature Connection

Gardens are a special type of place, an interface, where nature and people come face to face, both in their home territories.


Gardens give us a unique opportunity for connection. Natural gardens can give us the perfect chance to take wildlife gardening a step beyond the usual gardener/garden relationship. By actively connecting with the nature we are supporting in our gardens, we are able to find an antidote to this difficult age we find ourselves in. By creating a wildlife garden, building nurturing and beneficial relationships with the plants and animals on our doorstep, we discover a way to directly experience how great it feels to be a positive force in the world. By becoming embedded in the life of our garden, we discover what it means to feel like a small, yet essential part of the wondrous whole that is the natural world all around us. And this is medicine for the soul like no other.

I came to gardening in need of that medicine and have learned so much through my life as a gardener – not just about plants and ecology, but about life itself. I combine my love of gardening with nearly 30 years of yoga and meditation practice and have developed my own methods for gardening mindfully and for letting in those wild edges of meaning, found abundantly in any natural garden. I'd be delighted to support you in developing your connection with your garden and can offer articles exploring  this theme, as well as one to one sessions going into more detail.

Recent Nature Connection Articles


Nature Connection One to One:
Gardening Consultation

If you would love to connect more with the nature in your garden, but you’re not sure where to start, I’d be delighted to come and talk to you about this. Arrange a one to one session with me to find out about meditations, gardening activities and design tricks for cultivating your own mindful gardening practice at home in your own garden.

mindful in autumn

Talk Topic:
Connecting with Nature in the Garden

If you would like to hear more about connecting with nature in the garden and are a member of a gardening (or other) group, I would be really pleased to come and present my talk Connecting with Nature in the Garden for you.


This talk explores different ways of connecting with nature in the garden, from creative ways to reap a harvest, to developing a mindful awareness of plants, their health and needs. It also touches on ways that the events of the garden can be viewed as a source of metaphor - on methods for finding meaning from the garden.

If you would like me to come and give this talk for your group, please contact me to discuss this by clicking below.

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