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Wildlife Gardening

There’s a particular joy to be found in growing a garden for wildlife. I’m completely and unashamedly hooked and every year, gain such pleasure in noticing which butterflies, which birds, dragonflies, beetles, other insects and small animals visit my garden.


I bring a lifelong interest in ecology to my gardening practices and can support you in building on your own wildlife garden in a number of ways, from articles, to talks, to free downloads and one to one consultations.

Recent Wildlife Gardening Articles


Wildlife Gardening Talks

I give a number of talks each year for clubs and other groups on a wildlife gardening theme. Please check my Talks page (link below) for an up to date list of upcoming events.

If you would like to book me for a talk at your event, the following topics are available.  Please get in touch to find out more.

  • Wildlife Gardening

  • Gardening with Wildflowers

  • Garden Meadows

  • Gardening with the Cycles of Nature

  • Healthy Gardens for Wildlife that Thrives

  • Connecting with Nature in the Garden

Wildlife Gardening Downloads

When choosing plants for pollinators, it's important to make a careful selection in order to have the maximum inpact. This download explains everything you need to know.

It's really important to provide homes for overwintering insects; Bug hotels are a great place to start. This download provides a little inspiration for making up your own.

Hollow winter stems, left standing where they grew, are a great natural alternative to bug hotels. For a beautiful winter look, try some of my favourites, recommended in this Winter Stems download.

Wildlife Gardening One to One:
Gardening Consultation

Want to do more to attract and support nature in your garden, but not sure where to start?

I can help you take positive steps forward through a one to one consultation session.

During a wildlife gardening consultation, I work closely with you to find methods that work both for your local wildlife networks, but also for you and your particular style of gardening. With a background in ecology and over ten years experience as a professional wildlife gardener, I can advise on specific measures that can be taken in your garden to make it a haven for local wildlife.

During our session, I'll be taking care to honour the fact that different people's interpretations of the term 'wildlife garden' is hugely variable, with some preferring well kept beds and borders, filled with wildlife friendly plants and neat habitat options, while others are happier letting nature take the lead and delight in a wilder, less controlled style. If need be, I'll help you tease out what your style is and together, we'll work out a plan that is just right for you.

connecting with nature
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