Consultation Services

I offer consultation services on a range of themes. Learn more about what these are below, and let me know if you have any questions or special requests. I look forward to helping you with your garden.

Gardening for Wildlife

Passing on skills and techniques

With a background in ecology and over 10 years experience creating gardens that benefit wildlife, I can advise on specific measures that can be taken in your garden to make it a haven for local wildlife. Service includes introductory phone call, online Zoom meeting (or similar) and follow up report detailing next steps.


Growing Vegetables

Organic veg, expertly grown

Growing vegetables is where I began and it remains my favourite thing to do in the garden. I love to help people get started in growing vegetables or to grow them more successfully. These one to one sessions are a great way to get tailored support for the vegetables you want to grow, in the space you have available. I can help with planning the vegetable year, propagation, planting out, plant health, water and weed management and with making excellent compost. I am available for one off sessions or can be booked for regular slots throughout the year.


Thriving Gardens

Best practice organic health

This service is often one that clients come back to throughout the year as we work together to keep plants in great health. Through these sessions, I pass on expert advice gained through many years working as an RHS qualified organic gardener. We go through the use of skillful pruning, organic and sustainable methods for soil and water management and how to diagnose, manage and avoid common pest and disease problems. Available as one-off sessions, but most people find it helpful to have at least one session per season so we can work through the full range of seasonal tasks.

Watering Can