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Growing With A Living Soil

23rd May 2023, 10.00 - 12.30
Oak House, The Lea, Shrewsbury

A living soil is the key to a garden filled with abundant health. Learn how to nourish your own soil.


A living soil is the hidden key to a garden filled with abundant health and also to a more climate resilient future. Learn how to nourish your own 'wood-wide web', supporting a soil that partners with your plants to lock in carbon, reduce the impacts of both drought and flooding, grow plants that are abundantly healthy and foods that are higher in nutrients for our own health.

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Teaming with Life

Learn how the tiniest of organisms are the powerhouse of health for your garden, yourself and for the planet.


Garden Compost

Practical guidance on making and using garden compost to generate a beautifully structured living soil

Why Come on This Workshop?

This workshop will introduce you to the variety of life that can be found in a healthy soil, explaining how these microorganisms work together with your plants to generate health in the garden and highly nutritious food. We'll look closely at garden compost, how to make it, blend it and use it in the garden to nurture that all important living soil.

By the end of the  workshop, you will know how to recognise a healthy, living soil, how to identify plants to use for composting and plants to avoid, you will know how to create your own live compost blends for potting and seed sowing.  You will be shown how to use your home-made compost mix to sow bean plants that can be taken home to grow on in pots or out in the vegetable garden.


We'll finish the day with a meander around the garden, mulching as we go and learning about the different mulching techniques, materials and the benefits of this essential practice.

No previous gardening experience is necessary. Learn everything you need to know to confidently build health in your garden.


For experienced gardeners, build on your understanding of soil life and refine your techniques for nurturing a living soil.

Book Now - £40
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