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Sowing Vegetables

An Online Course

If you'd love to feel more confident about growing your own vegetables from seed, then this course has been written with you in mind. The focus is entirely on sowing skills for the vegetable garden and we follow a 'Living Soil' approach, for super healthy vegetables.

During this course, we explore sowing conditions, including sowing temperatures, depths and how to decide where to sow vegetables - whether inside or out, in an open tray, module tray or in pots. We also look at how to care for both your seeds and your seedlings, to keep them all in top health. Finally, we go through some of the sustainable options for seed sowers, including how to make your own seed compost, how to start seeds in a living soil and how to recycle old containers into fully functional seed trays or modules.


Get skilled up

Sowing your own vegetables from seed ensures the best quality is factored in right from the very start

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Start Growing

With videos and handouts to back up your learning, you'll be ready to start growing in a flash!

Why Take This Course?

This course teaches you both the detail and the general principles involved in sowing seeds, leaving you well equipped to get started in growing your own vegetables. Short video tutorials run you sowing techniques for each situation, while handouts and introductory videos explain how to decide which techniques to use for each type of seed.

You will finish the course with much more confidence in your sowing abilities and with all the resources you need should you wish to check up on your technique, just to be sure.

This course has been developed for anyone wishing to grow organic vegetables in particular and includes tips about enhancing the health of your soil and consequently about starting your organic vegetables off in the very best of health.

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Course Structure

Class materials are taught right here on my website, with easy to navigate pages leading you through original handouts and exclusive videos.



1. GETTING TO KNOW SEEDS   Find out what conditions seeds need to germinate well

2. SOWING SKILLS   Watch demonstrations of all the different sowing methods

3. CARING FOR SEEDLINGS   How to give your tiny seedlings the best care for a healthy future

4. DIY SEED COMPOST AND TRAYS Sustainability options

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  • Sowing Vegetables

    Online Course
    • Germination
    • Sowing Skills
    • Caring for Seedlings
    • DIY Compost & Trays

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