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Supporting Nature

Nurturing natural networks right outside your doorstep

Explore some of the ways I can help you create your own Nature Garden, no matter how large or small.


Nature Gardens Club

Visit club members' wildlife gardens or share your own for plant and seed swaps, inspiration from the group and a chance to connect with enthusiastic wildlife gardeners in their natural habitat!

Native Planting Scheme

Design for Nature

The most effective and enjoyable Nature Gardens are those built from a great design. Seamless integration of wildlife features with seating, dining or lounging space, means a garden everyone can enjoy.

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One to One

Drawing on ecological, design and maintenance expertise and over ten years experience building wildlife gardens. During a one to one session,we'll work together to create your perfect wildlife haven.


Come learn with me in person with my yearly series of talks and workshops. Hear about gardens I've worked in and how I've helped my clients integrate nature into their home patch. Explore the techniques you can use to align your garden more closely with natural rhythms and ecological processes for better supported wildlife, healthier plants and more naturally nutritious vegetables.

Learn with Me
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