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Gardening For Pollinators

18th April 2023, 10.00 - 12.30
Oak House, The Lea, Shrewsbury

Learn how to support pollinating insects - a key function of wildlife gardens that truly thrive. 


Take home essential plant ID and gardening skills that you can use again and again to create a pollinator friendly garden. During this workshop, we'll explore different gardening styles, looking at how pollinators can be supported, no matter whether your preference is for tidy and neat or wild and unkempt. Learn what it takes to ensure your garden gives these vital insects a welcome home.

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Community Gardener? Get in touch to ask about my FREE community learning slots, offering full workshops at no cost, where your learning will directly benefit community growing spaces. A limited number of these are allocated for each workshop.


Plant ID

Learn how to spot great plants for pollinators, with no prior plant knowledge necessary


Gardening Skills

With practical demonstrations of plant propagation techniques, learn how to quickly fill your garden with plants

Why Come on This Workshop?

This workshop will teach you how to see your garden like a pollinating insect. You will learn how to look at any garden and quickly evaluate how suitable it is for pollinating insects and where the areas for improvement may be. With Nancy's focus on teaching plant features, rather than plant names, no prior plant knowledge is needed in order to come away feeling much more confident in choosing great plants for your garden.

By the end of the workshop, you will have learned about a variety of garden habitats and planting styles that can be set up or enhanced in your own garden.

We will finish the session with a plant propagation workshop, allowing you to take home several pollinator friendly plants that you'll have generated yourself.


With the plant ID and propagation techniques you'll have learnt on this workshop, you will return home with all the knowledge and skills you need to fill your garden with a fantstic mix of plants that are perfect for your visiting pollinators. Your own wildlife haven!

No previous plant knowledge is necessary. Learn everything you need to know to make great plant choices for your garden to draw in and support local bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects.


For experienced gardeners, explore how different gardening styles can expand on your current provisions for pollinating insects. Learn how to evaluate and enhance your planting to offer even more benefits to these vital members of your wildlife community.

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