Supporting Nature
Nurturing Connection

Gardens are a special type of place, where nature and people come face to face, both in their home territories. They give us a unique opportunity for connection.

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Supporting Nature

Explore a number of different options to help enhance the natural networks right outside your doorstep.


Nature Connection

Connect, nurture and enjoy being a part of your natural networks as they strengthen and grow.

Benefiting All

Nature gardens act as important stepping stones for wildlife. Our efforts to create little garden wildlife havens are supported by work going on nationwide to improve nature connectivity through the restoration of roadside verges and hedgerows. Studies are revealing that areas that contain a network of wildlife gardens, have a measurable positive impact on local wildlife.

Nature Gardens, however, go beyond the usual wildlife gardening offering. By actively connecting with the nature we are supporting in our gardens, we build beneficial relationships with it, allowing us to more directly experience how great it feels to be a positive force in the world.


Nature Gardens

Connect with like minded people in wildlife gardens across Shropshire.